Crew Histories
306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England

This section contains examples research regarding particular crews.

The crew of 423rd pilot Mack McKay flying "Little Audrey." Thanks to Jason McDonald a NY teacher who attended a Summer Residency at the Imperial War Museum in the UK and prepared this well done and documented research. It contains some interesting analysis regarding the Casablanca Conference and the history of the plane as well. Mr. McDonald hopes this will inspire and help others doing research on "their" veteran flyer and their vets' crewmates. All items are posted by permission.

The crew of 423rd pilot Vernon Cole flying 42-29971 Thanks to author Robert (Roy) H.M. Göttgens, a Dutch native, lives in the village of Beek, Holland, where Lt. Vernon Cole's B-17 crashed. Roy was born in 1949 and retired in 2014 as a supply chain director with a Dutch chemical company. He has a special interest in World War II history, especially in his birth region. He welcomes email comments to This is another example of well done and carefully documented research; he named his report "Thunder in Heaven."

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