Bomb Group and squadron Histories
306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England

See link below for the complete Bove Book, First Over Germany: Public Relations in the 306th Bomb Group Headquarters organized a history book of photographs and text that was privately printed after the war in San Angelo, Texas. The editor, Arthur P. Bove, arrived at Thurleigh in June 1945 to assume his editorial duties. He departed Thurleigh in December 1945. There were two printings of the book, one in 1945 and one during 1946. Bove solicited a pre-order for the second printing from his home in Putnam, Connecticut and soon that edition was also sold out. Today copies of "the Bove Book" periodically come up for sale on Ebay, and other used book websites.

Russell Strong's excellent book also named First Over Germany is a more comprehensive history of the 306th; however, it is not available on this site, is no longer in print and not available in new condition. Used copies can still occasionally be found on and other used books sites. Please note Strong's first edition was copyright 1982; corrections were made in it for his "Revised 1990" edition. If you have copies of any histories of the bomb group you wish to loan or donate, please contact our Historian: See the leadership page for name, address, and telephone of our current Historian Link to Leadership Page

See links below for two history booklets that are good references for dates and other facts regarding the 306th and its squadrons.

See link below for the YMCA German POW language aid book that our flyers had to assist them should they become POW's.

See link below for the post-hostilities Casey Jones Project booklet describing the aerial mpping of Iceland, Europe and North Africa as described by Robert J. Boyd chief, History Division of the Strategic Air Command.