Special Orders 1942 - 1945
306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England
Although some of these 69+ year old documents are marked classified, they all have been declassified

Special Orders (SO's) were issued by the various Army Air Force commands during WWII for the purpose of tracking personnel matters, identifying by name and serial number who had arrived at the unit and what their assignments were to be, who was granted leaves of absence, who was being promoted or demoted to a new rank, who was being transeferred out of the unit for special training or for having completed their tour of duty, etc, all things personnel related. In the case of the Commanding Officer (CO) of the 306th Bombardment Group, he was also CO of Army Air Force Station #111 and would issue Special Orders under the letterhead of Station 111 as well as the 306th Bombardment Group. Special Orders were issued virtually daily at the group and station levels of command, and were numbered sequentially during each year starting with Special Order #1 on January 1st or which ever day the first SO of the year was issued on. There were far fewer SO's issued at the squadron level and were primarily used to assign flight commanders, squadron bombardiers and navigators, etc. Russell Strong was able to gather copies of over 770 special orders at all levels of command. Of special interest are the special orders and movement orders found in July and August 42 sending the 306th Bombardment Group on its way from Wendover, Utah to England. Over the course of the war, virtually everyone who served with the 306th Bombardment Group and its supporting ground echelon are named somewhere in this collection of Special Orders.