Miscelleanous Documents and Materials,
306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England

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DAILY BULLETINS: Daily bulletins, like special orders, were published daily throughout the war and numbered sequentially from January 1st. They were informational bulletins providing the men with important information to know regarding what was happening around the base. At a minimum the daily bulletin would tell the hours that blackout was to be imposed on the base, list who was assigned as Officer of the Day for each of the next seven days, and detail officers who would be in charge of liberty runs for the next seven days.Then there would be notes of general interest to everyone such as war bond drives, blood drives, church services, lost and found items, or such important items as "Transportation for dates of Officers attending 'Left Over Party' will leave from Officers Red Cross Club, Bedford, at 2000." Our collection of daily bulletins is incomplete but covers from December 1943 through September 1945. These daily bulletins are a fun read and provide a background of what it was like at Station 111 and Thurleigh as the war was proceeding.

TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES:Here are two telephone directories for the the 306th Bombardment Group while stationed at Thurleigh, one from the earlier part of WWII and the second during the Casey Jones Project period before the 306th left Thurleigh for operations from continental Europe. From September 1943, the first directory provides a good overview of the command organization at the time including a listing of all the ground support units at Thurleigh. At this time the 306th BG was assigned to the 1st Bomb Wing and the 102nd Combat Wing. The 1st Bomb Wing would later be redesignated 1st Bomb Division and the 306th would be assigned to the new 40th Combat Wing under command of 1st Bomb Division. The second directory is from summer/fall 1945 with the 306th now assigned to the 9th Army Air Force conducting Casey Jones just prior to their departure from Thurleigh in December. Note the new ground support commands. They are the result of a major AAF reoganization that took place on April 15, 1945 that dissolved some commands while combining other units into new organizations (see Special Order #101 in the 1945 listing of special orders under the Archives tab to see how this reoganization affected 306th units such as the 4th Station Complement Squadron and the 39th Service Group).