Russell Strong Card File--306th Bomb Group Historical Association

Russell Strong served as the Secretary of the 306th Bomb Group Association from its founding in 1979 until 2007. Along the way, the Association held reunions, organized trips, published our Echoes newsletters with articles of current and historical interest and established this website for communication, education and research. The original card file created by Russell Strong is a remarkable collection of data on 306th Bomb Group veterans and a valuable resource for research. This was done without computer technology. He made remarkably few errors and the file is the best basic source of data on these veterans we are aware of. Beginning in 2017 the data is being augmented with the help of computer technology (see notice below) the digital copies of Strong's original cards are produced from microfilm copies by our historian Clifford Deets.

Using this page the cards are presented as photo albums containing the cards for veterans with last names beginning with the same letter. Select the letter below and at the first screen showing a card for a surname of that letter, in the upper left of the screen, click the 'Index' button. That will load thumbnails of all the surnames beginning with that letter, with each thumbnail having the name of that man. You can then scroll down through the named-thumbnails to locate the appropriate name. When you click on that thumbnail, the card will open full-size.

NOTICE: It was impractical for Strong to analyze the large number of pages of mission reports, and other documents. One of the benefits of our indexing project has been to find names of men who served that Strong was unable to find. We are creating electronic "cards" for these newly identified veterans. The new entries are identified as being new with the insertion at the bottom in red: "*name added 2017 (or current year) from indexing project" The newly created "cards" ARE NOT included in the files accessed below. Neither are corrections/additions to the original card file found after 2016. ALL CARD FILE entries, original and new, can be found using our search function. We will leave this view of the original card file on this site for the foreseeable future; however:

users are encouraged to use the search function (click following blue Search hyperlink) Search to locate the card they seek. In addition to being faster and easier to locate a particular card, this technique allows users to download the card at a higher resolution.
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