306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England
Prisoner of War (POW) accounts and Evadee stories

This page is being initiated in May 2015 to be a repository for material related to POWs and evadees. We welcome contributions.

The Yankee Kriegies is an interesting read regarding the life of some of our WWII POWs in a German camp. It was published by the YMCA and written by Colonel C. Ross Greening and Sergeant Angelo M. Spinelli in collaboration with John R. Burkhart.
  • The Yankee Kriegies

    The Evadee Reports is a collection of documents with accounts of 20 Evadees, several lists of 306th Evadees and a couple of correspondence items with our founding Secretary Russell Strong. The quality varies from clear to mostly unreadable and there are some duplicates.
  • Evadee Reports A review produced the following names and page numbers (in order of appearance):

    Forrest D. Hartin, p1			Erwin Derold Wissenback, p 33 & p40
    Richard D. Adams, p5			John S Trost,p 29,p35
    August Winters p 8, ,p11		William J. Gise, p43
    William E Scott, p12			Allen N. Robinson  p45,
    Ragnar E Gustafson, p 13		John L Ryan p46
    Ivan E. Glaze, p14			Robert E Kylius p56
    Warren W Cole, p18			Raymond Walls p59
    Ernest T. Moriarity p 19,p36		Claiborne J. Wilson p62
    Robert E. Biggs, p21, p39		Edward ? p69	
    John R. McKee, p27			George S. Monser p76
    		List of 306th Evadees and Escapees p81
    Echoes Oct 2000, p.7 article, "Through the Eye of the Needle - A Series by 10 306th Men," regarding the book "Through the Eye of the Needle" which was edited by Joe Consolmagno, and published in 1992 by Stalag Luft III Former Prisoners of War, introduced the Echoes series. In part this introductory article named the ten 306th men [listed below, here], and said: "306th Echoes has received permission from Gen. Albert P. Clark to reprint in upcoming issues their stories, which will appear in alpha order. Clark, a fighter pilot, was one of the very first American pilots to fall into German hands. Below are the stories of:

  • Keith Conley, 369th pilot, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our Oct 2000 Echoes page 7

  • Joe Consolmagno, 367th navigator, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our Jan 2001 Echoes page 1

  • James Crouch, 367th copilot, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our April 2001 Echoes page 4

  • Leland Dowden, 369th bombardier, POW in hospital at Obermassfeld in our July 2001 Echoes page 4

  • Don H. Eldredge, 367th copilot, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our Jan 2002 Echoes page 3

  • Robert Hermann, 367th navigator, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our April 2002 Echoes page 3

  • John Ryan, 367th pilot, EVADEE in our August 2002 Echoes page 3

  • Robert W. Seelos, 367th navigator, POW Stalag Luft 1 in our October 2002 Echoes page 3

  • Myron L. Sorden, 367th navigator, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our Jan 2003 Echoes page 6

  • James V. Vaughter, 369th bombardier, POW Stalag Luft 3 in our April 2003 Echoes page 3