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BE WARNED: This Search Function can only search documents our volunteers have indexed. The indexing project is new (as of Oct 2016) and many thousands of our documents and pictures have NOT been indexed; however, searches will generally provide a link to vets for whom we have an entry in our RUSSELL STRONG INDEX CARD FILE and entries in our CORRESPONDENCE file. Otherwise this is currently a limited tool; however it will improve over time, particularly if we can get more volunteers to index our files. As of June 2017 we have over 20,000 entries in our database. It is not insignificant but it is far from complete. Our website contains thousands of WWII documents and images; however, it is often difficult to locate information regarding a particular veteran. To make this search function more useful, we need more volunteers to index our documents with the names they contain. It is a monumental task, more than our current volunteers can do in a reasonable time. We need help and ANYONE CAN DO IT. It is not a technical job. To help, see our indexing project page by clicking or (control + click) on the following hyperlink: Document indexing project.

Search for a particular veteran. Use last name only: We strongly recommend you always search with the last name only option; if you get too many results you can limit your search to other options below. In many documents only the last name is provided, thus if you include other parts of the vet's name in your search, many documents may not be listed in results. Consider searching alternate spellings - those guys writing reports weren't perfect.

Limiting your search: For common names you may wish to limit results by searching for last name and the first initial of the first name. Note limiting your search may not find all documents containing his name. For example, if you look for "Herman" plus "C" or "Charles" the search will usually return files containing both his first and last name but not a file that contains "Sgt Herman" (unless our indexer was able to supply the first name in our index file). It is very common to see a last name and only first or first and middle initials such as "Herman, C" and/or "Herman, C R".

You can include middle initial; however, it is recommended only for vets with a very common last name and the search will certainly not include a number of documents containing your veteran's name.

Researching Note: your research will be enhanced with cumulative information. For example, if you find a document that shows the crew your vet of interest served with, you can go to our photo collection and look for that crew and perhaps find a photograph of your vet of interest. Often searching the name of a fellow crew member will yield information regarding your vet of interest.

In the search boxes below: you can only use letters (omit apostrophe in names like O'Brien and omit imbedded spaces in names like Mac Donald ) and the boxes asking for a name initial will only record one letter. Searches are not case sensitive; Wilson and wilson will both return the same results. There are FOUR SEARCH OPTIONS select one using the down arrow next to the submit button. If you select the option for first and last name and omit the first name no results will be found. The same applies to name and Initial(s).

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