306th BGHA Indexing project - we need help

Our website contains thousands of documents and images and it is often difficult to locate information regarding a particular veteran. Unfortunately, scans of WWII records are not directly searchable. When a volunteer indexes a file the index is loaded into a database that can be searched and point visitors to the original records. An index is a file that contains the name of veterans that appear in a document. We now have enough documents that our search functions are useful; however, the task is far from complete. ANYONE CAN INDEX A FILE. It is not a technical job, just read a file and record names that appear in it.

Click HERE to view our video tutorial page.

Click mission reports to find a Mission Report to index.

To avoid duplicating work, notify the webmaster by clicking here.

Click -here- to navigate to the mission report(s) you have chosen, to view and/or download.

The webmaster will update the list showing documents that have been indexed and those someone has volunteered to index. We desire to eventually index all indexable files. Our priority is Mission reports; however, we welcome indexing help on any other document that may be of interest to volunteers. Lists below will be updated as needed when the webmaster is notified someone has volunteered to index one or more files.

        missing air crew reports including and showing those where someone has volunteered to index.

        daily bulletins including and showing those where someone has volunteered to index.