306th BG Photograph Collection

The 306th BG Photograph Collection includes thousands of images collected by Russell Strong during the years he headed up the operations of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association (BGHA) and 306th-related images received by the 306th BGHA since. Student interns in the History Department at Abilene Christian University digitized most of the photograph collection thru the first half of 2015.

As the 306th BGHA receives additional images from veterans, veteran's families, and interested supporters, more photographs will continue to be added. If you have World War II-era photographs and/or postwar images related to a 306th BG veteran, these can be donated to the collection or they can be sent to the 306th BGHA to be digitally copied and (if desired) the originals returned. We also collect photos of our reunions over the years. Please contact the 306th BGHA Secretary for details: See the leadership page for name, address, and telephone of our Secretary Link to Leadership Page

Personnel, 1942-1945

Special Subject Photographs

Combat and Aerial Photographs

Base, Buildings, and Landscape at Thurleigh

Civilian Support/British Relationships

Personal Collections